The Coast Guard Cutter CG-83484

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The CG-83484 operated out of Port Townsend, Washington. A sister ship had its berth in Anacortes, Washington. They were built during World War II at the Electric Boat Company in New London, Connecticut.

Underway, 1948. The 83-foot cutter was made from solid mahogany planks and powered by two eight-cylinder inline gasoline engines. About half of the 8-member crew lived aboard, while the married members had apartments in Port Townsend. We had a full-time cook. On call 24 hours a day, we were often roused during the night for emergency runs.

Steady as she goes. "Gus" Gustafson, our skipper, looking out from the bridge while under way on a calm afternoon.

A routine run to deliver passengers to Smith Island, north of Port Townsend. Chief Engineer and his assistant are in foreground. Wives of crew members are on the flying bridge beside the executive officer at the helm. On beautiful, relaxed days like this, the cutter was less a work boat than a yacht.

A more typical mission. This fishing boat ran aground at night, and then the tide went out. The CG-83484 stood by until the tide came back in.

Then we threw them a line attached to a tow line . . .

. . . and pulled them back into deep water.

We always patrolled the annual Salmon Derby, and of course some crew members tried their luck.