Serious Missions

Skipper "Gus" Gustafson scanning for vessel in distress.

Rescue mission. A fishing boat lies helpless in Puget Sound, taking on water. Such missions were routine for the 83484, especially in heavy weather.

Taking a disabled fishing boat in tow back to Port Townsend.

Fog often caused boats to run aground. Here the 83484 lies at anchor, waiting for the fog to lift before attempting to pull a vessel off the beach.

While we waited, a crew member got in some fishing off the stern

When the fog lifted, we threw them a line and pulled them back off the sand. This mission netted the crew a case of beer.


This mission required an emergency patch on a hole opened up when the boat struck the rocks during the night. Our chief engineer patched the hole, and we waited until the tide came in to float the boat free.

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